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    College Student Special Membership
    Students, get a head start!
    Current college students* returning to school in the fall are eligible.                                                                        *Must show college ID

    While students are home from school on break, they may not be able to access on-campus career centers. Career Resource Center (CRC), in Lake Forest, will provide in person, one-on-one attention and guidance to prepare students for the job search journey as graduation approaches while they are home from school.


    Students may utilize CRC’s job search services to help strategize and prepare for internship and career opportunities while on summer and winter break.

    Membership includes access to career advisors, specialists, tutors, 

    education and training programs to prepare for an effective job search.

     College Student Special Membership  -  $100

    (Regular Membership is $200 for a full year of services.)

    Students will:

    Write a professional resume Build a strong LinkedIn profile

    Improve interviewing skills Craft a value statement

    Learn how to build a professional network

    Research target companies

    Acquire skills for negotiating compensation

    Membership will be active for students on Summer Break 2019

     and Winter Break 2019-2020 (expires 1/31/2020).

    Registration is open for this special membership through June 2019.


    For more information, and to register please call 847-295-5626 or email [email protected]





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    Offer Valid: May 20, 2019June 30, 2019
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