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    Solar Panels for your Home! Take advantage of the State & Federal Incentives
    Solar Panels
    Hello DBR Chamber Members,

    Interested in solar energy panels for your home?  I'd love to get the conversation started and answer any questions/comments you may have about going solar!

     Zero upfront fees, no installation costs, product warranty, production guarantee, and the panels can cut your current electric bill in half.  With the Illinois mandate in place, now is the time to take advantage of the current incentives and go solar.

    Based on the Illinois Green Energy Mandate, our company can place these panels on your home at no cost for solar panels, installation, permitting, and monitoring   Once the panels are installed, the homeowner would pay only for the energy created (up to 50% discount over ComEd rates).  This is possible because you are producing energy on your own roof so there will not be delivery fees, environmental fees, and taxes.  Clean energy directly from the sun.
    I can have a proposal and design for your home within 24 hours and I'd be happy to take a call or meet with anyone interested.  Please feel free to reach out any time with a direct text message or you can reach me via email: brian@daystar-solar.com

    In the meantime, I'd love to create a design and draft up a free proposal for your home.  I would need both pages of your latest ComEd bill, and I can have all the information needed prior to us connecting.

    Contact Information
    phone: (815) 703-8986
    Offer Valid: February 28, 2019April 1, 2019
    DBR Chamber of Commerce
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